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Skiing in Austria... holiday photos and what I got up to!

Well hello there... I'm back! Did you miss me?
I have just returned from a weeks holiday skiing in Austria. I am currently writing this sitting in my most comfy pyjamas, after getting up at 3am this morning (pretty much the middle of the night!) to get a two hour mini bus ride to the airport, then catching my flight to Bristol and travelling the two hours back home to sunny Devon, so it's safe to say I'm more than a little tired, nevertheless I am powering through! Yawn!


 I had an amazing time in Austria, I stayed in a place called Niederau, it is a breath-taking area, with the most beautiful views.
 So, I skied... I did fall over a couple of times which was to be expected, but I did manage to get down a hill and stop at the bottom without speeding into a tree or falling on my arse, which I'm taking as a personal victory!

I had ski lessons every morning and afternoon for two hours each, I only did three days as I wanted to see the sights as well. But if you are a complete novice (like me!) then I would highly suggest you have at least two or three days of lessons to learn the basics.

Skiing is really tiring on your legs and tricky to get the hang of as there is so much to remember, also walking in ski boots is such an odd experience, but as I was told many times, 'Nobody is born able to ski' and it's so true, it is hard and you will get tired and just want to take a nap right there on the slope but it is so much fun as well! 

There is a great feeling of exhilaration and pride when you ski down a slope without falling!
I would highly recommend giving it a go, you never know you might love it!

My top tips:
Make sure you have a bottle of water with you, skiing is thirsty work

Your bum is your best friend, land on it, not your head!

If you feel tired, take a break, the instructors don't mind, it's not school, you don't have to ask permission

If you do fall (or when you fall...) don't worry about the people around you, everyone is learning, everyone is going to fall at some point

Make sure you have the correct size and fit of ski boots for your height, weight and shoe size, if you are wearing the wrong size the boots will cut off the circulation to your feet and it will be very painful. (If you can wiggle your toes and only move your heel up slightly, your good!)

Eat a hearty breakfast, you will be burning it all off anyway, go nuts!

Mars bars are brilliant for giving you energy when your sugar levels are low, make sure you stock up!

Don't be afraid to ask for extra help if you need it, that's what the instructors are there for!

All content and pictures on this blog Keep calm it's only a blog, have been taken and written by me personally, Lauren Percival 2014

I didn't ski every day while I was in Austria as I wanted to explore the area and see some sights as well, I went on a day trip to Salzburg and saw where Mozart was born and grew up, it is a lovely place to visit, I also saw some stunning cathedrals and gardens. I also went on lots of walks to nearby towns and villages and stopped at the cutest bakery or 'Bakerei' in Austrian, which sold the yummiest cakes.

I hope you enjoyed this Holiday post, what do you think of skiing? Have you ever been or do you really want to try it? Have you ever been to Austria, if so, what did you think?
 I'd love to hear all about it, leave me a lovely comment below.

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Love Laurenx