Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Gift Guide For Her: Health and Fitness

We all have a friend who is super in to their healthy eating, fitness and wellbeing (me in a nutshell!) so I thought that instead of the usual beauty, fashion or fragrance gift guides I would share with you my top picks that I would love to receive, perfect for the health nut in your life, or even someone who wants to get into health and fitness. 
Gifts The Health Nut in Your Life

The cutest gym bag I ever did see, how adorable! Perfect for a Pilates fan.
I love this tank top, so much so I think I may have to pick it up for myself!
These trainers though, perfect for the gym and cute enough for post workout coffees.
I love Teapigs tea, it's rather expensive but it's the perfect 'treat yoself' extravagance. My top three picks have to be Chocolate flake, Popcorn and Liquorice and peppermint. Yum!
I actually just bought myself this exact yoga mat as my old one was getting rather torn, this one is pretty good quality, cushioned and super comfortable. It also comes in a variety of different colours.
Nothing says health nut like a good ol' recipe book. My picks have to be the lovely Lucy bee, the recipes look delicious, and the Hemsley and Hemsley book, these girls are such babes.

I hope you enjoyed this 'Health and Fitness Gift Guide' post. Are you a health nut like me? What goodies are on your Christmas list? Will you be treating a loved one (or yourself!) to any of my gift ideas?

I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

Let's be friends!

Love Laurenx

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Lifestyle: Life Through My Camera Roll #2

It's been quite a while since I have written a 'loving lately/peek into my life/life update' type of post. So I thought it was about time I cracked on, and updated you lovely lot on what I've been up to/loving/buying/scoffing. My previous 'Life through my camera roll' post proved rather popular, so I might make it into a regular blog segment. I'm always snapping away at anything and everything, and not every photograph makes the 'Instagram cut', so I'm going to give you a little peek in to my camera roll, from food and fashion, to beauty and everything in between.
Enough rambling, let's get started!
1. My new favourite lipstick from Rimmel, it's such a pretty mauve/pinky nude 'your lips but better' kinda shade - perfect for everyday. 
2. I could not resist the cuteness! Penguins are the sweetest, perfect for taking my tea on the go.
3. I have been lusting over The Cutlery Commission's well, cutlery for so long. They have the prettiest most Instagram worthy spoons/forks/knives. I finally caved in and treated myself after I spotted they had a sample sale on a few weeks back, I nabbed this beauty for only £8.00! Bargain.
4. Again, I just couldn't resist. How amazing is this phone case? A must have for any Friends fan. PIVOT!
1. How beautiful are these hand iced biscuits I won in a competition last week! (Oh, and there are three more layers underneath!) The Biscuiteers make the prettiest most delicious biscuits a girl could dream of. They would make the perfect present for a loved one or a great treat for yourself! Yum.
2. Ah Ben and Jerry's, a girls two best friends. I spotted this bad boy on offer in Tesco for £2.24! My new favourite flavour. Raspberry ice cream with marshmallow, raspberry and blackberry swirls, finished with dark chocolate cone pieces. Heaven. 
3. These leggings though. I picked up a pair of 'cosy leggings' from Primark last week and I have literally been living in them ever since. They have a cosy fleece lining on the inside which has been keeping me toasty warm, in this wet and windy weather. I think I may have to pick up another pair!
4. Another Primark purchase, I swear I can't help but buy the whole blimmin' store. I was on the hunt for some new cushions for our sofa as it's a very 'sink in, can't get up' kinda one. I fell in love with this super fuzzy cushion and the boyfriend loved this cute stag, which is so soft by the way. Perfect additions to our sofa cocoon.

I hope you enjoyed this 'Life through my camera roll' post. What have you been loving lately? Are you a Primark hauling, Ben and Jerry's scoffing kinda gal like me?

I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

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Love Laurenx

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Lifestyle: Cheerz Photo Printing Review And A Cheeky Giveaway!

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Cheerz, who kindly invited me to review some of their products. Cheerz is a photo printing company, who in their own words 'bring your memories to life'. Cheerz have a website and app, full of great products, onto which you can print your favourite photographs. You can print your photos on to a wide variety of products, from photo strips and magnets, to frames and posters, and so much more.
I settled on a cute instagram worthy four picture square frame, and a box of nine magnets.
I created my personalised products on the Cheerz app, which is so easy to use.
You simply download the app for free, and create an account. (Link here)
Once you have created your account and logged in, you can choose which products you would like to print your photos on to. When you have selected your product, simply click on it and select 'get started!', from there the app will then redirect to your camera roll. Now for the fun part - choosing your photographs!
Once you have picked out all your favourite snaps, select 'finish my order' and your chosen product will be added to the basket. You can then choose to add more products (if you want to create an array of personalised products) or you can confirm your order, enter your delivery details and pay, directly from the app.
The Cheerz delivery system is great, I received my products within 3 days of ordering. 
Cheerz also have a website, here - if you want to have a nosy at the amazing products they have to offer.
I love my personalised wooden frame, I chose four pictures that mean a lot to me from this year.
My first ever personalised birthday cake, my boyfriend's 30th birthday and some snaps of us together. I know that I will look back on these photos and be reminded of such a special year we spent together. The magnets are such a fun idea, they come stacked in the cutest little box and would make a great stocking filler!
Again I chose my favourite snaps of me and my boyfriend, a few scenery shots of beautiful Devon and I also added in two weight loss transformation collages. Last year I lost nearly 5 stone, catch up on my weight loss here, and I thought having my progress pictures. before and after right there on the fridge (where all the goodies are) would keep me motivated to carry on, never give up and to remind myself of how far I have come. 
I would highly recommend Cheerz - their products are of such high quality, they are reasonably priced (starting at just 29p per print!) they offer so much more than simply 'printing your photos' and their service is second to none. If you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one this Christmas, give Cheerz a whirl!

Giveaway time!
The lovely people at Cheerz have been kind enough to give me three £20.00 vouchers to giveaway to three lucky winners of my choosing, to spend on the Cheerz website or app. 

Giveaway rules.
Follow me on Twitter, @clumsybaby
Retweet the pinned tweet on my profile page.
One £20.00 Cheerz voucher per winner, there will be three winners only.
Winners will be randomly selected by me, from the retweets of the original pinned tweet.
The giveaway will run from Thursday 12th November until Friday 20th November.
UK only giveaway, over 18's only.
I will contact the 3 winners via Twitter direct message, I will also announce the winners on Twitter. 
Good luck, and get snapping!

I hope you enjoyed this 'Cheerz review' post, What do you think of my personalised items? Will you be giving Cheerz a whirl, and picking up a gift for yourself or a loved one?

I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

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Love Laurenx

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Baking: Healthy Apple and Blackberry Crumble

I love crumble. In my eyes there's no other dessert that screams winter warmer more than a good ol' crumble. The buttery, crumbly, crunchy topping, covering the warm, juicy fruit underneath. I'm getting pretty hungry right now... Anyway, as much as I love a crumble it's not the healthiest of dishes, with all that butter and sugar. So I've been in the kitchen trying to come up with a 'healthier' version of a classic apple and blackberry crumble, that's much better for you, but still retains that delicious crumble topping and juicy fruit. 
I think I've nailed it, so I'm going to share my creation with you. If you recreate my crumble recipe, please tag me in any photos you share on social media, as I'd love to see them! I'm @clumsybaby on Instagram and Twitter.

Let's get cooking!

This crumble recipe is so easy peasy, and only requires five ingredients!
Serves 1

You will need:
50g of rolled oats
1 apple
Handful of frozen blackberries
2 teaspoons of Sweet Freedom (a liquid sweetener)
1 teaspoon of coconut oil (Lucy Bee is my gal)

1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees (temperatures may vary depending on your oven)

2. Chop the apple into small chunks, and add to a pan along with the blackberries, pour hot water over the fruit until covered. Leave to gently simmer on a medium heat (I had mine on heat 3 out of 6) for about ten minutes, or until the apple has softened. 

3. While the fruit is cooking away, you can start on the 'crumble' topping. Add your oats into a bowl, melt the coconut oil in a microwave until it becomes a liquid consistency, add this along with two teaspoons of sweet freedom to the oats. Mix well until everything is combined. 

4. Once the apple has softened and the fruit is looking all soft, warm and delicious. It's time to assemble your crumble. Spoon the warm fruit into a dish, and top with the oat mixture.

5. Bake in the oven for 15 - 20 minutes, or until the top has browned. 

6. Serve your crumble with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, Greek yoghurt or enjoy as it is. 

So there you have it, a healthy, delicious fruit crumble that tastes amazing and is kind to your waistline. By the way, my kitchen smelt all kinds of dreamy after cooking this bad boy, mmm.
Based on my recipe, the whole crumble only has 351 calories.

I hope you enjoyed this 'Healthy crumble recipe' post, Are you a crumble fan like me? What's your favourite winter warming dessert? Will you be recreating my healthy crumble at home?
I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

Let's be friends!

Love Laurenx