Monday, 25 May 2015

Devon Delights: The Beggars Roost Inn

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I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post.
As always, all opinions are my own. 

Well hello there...

Devon Delights: An Introduction
I started this little blog in 2014, as a 'Beauty focused' blog. Fast forward just over a year later, and I've come to realise that beauty doesn't play as big a role in my blog any more.
I have been loving writing about my life, TV shows, food, travel, healthy living and weight loss, instead.
I still have a passion for beauty, and you will still see the odd beauty related post. 
But as my blog has evolved over the past year, so have I. 
So I am now coining myself as a 'Lifestyle blogger'.

With that in mind I thought I would start a new series called 'Devon Delights'.
I live in a small town in North Devon, called Lynton.
It's a beautiful place to live, with miles and miles of countryside, quaint tearooms and stunning views.
I hope that you will enjoy a peek in to my Devon life. From restaurant reviews, to my top recommendations, hot spots and everything in between. 

Myself and the boyfriend recently went on a long overdue date night, to a lovely pub called 
The Beggars Roost.
 I have been there a couple of times before for an afternoon tipple in the sun, but I had never tried the food. 
The pub has just been taken over by new owners, and had a menu overhaul from a new chef - so we thought we'd give it a try.
It's a lovely little pub that's only about a five minute drive from Lynton.
Upon arriving at the pub, you can see beautiful, rolling views of Lynton and Lynmouth, and the surrounding countryside. 

We booked a table in advance, and were greeted with a warm, friendly welcome. 
The interior d├ęcor is very rustic, with beautiful artwork of the Exmoor Stags, and a lovely, old wood-burning fireplace, in front of big squishy sofas.
 I can imagine myself curling up in front of the fire, with a hot chocolate, come winter time.

After ordering our drinks, we sat down at our reserved table to peruse the menu.
They offer a great selection of hearty, pub grub. From rump steaks and juicy burgers, to 18 hour roasted pork belly and pea and shallot tortellini. 
The starters sounded delicious too. Especially the chicken satay skewers, and the slow cooked brisket. 
They also have a large specials board full of fresh, locally sourced dishes. 
We both decided to go for the 'Beggars Burger', which is a 7oz steak burger, with smoked cheese, bacon, onion rings, lettuce, tomato and fries.
As we ordered, the waitress told us that the burger was fast becoming their most popular dish. 
After waiting for around thirty minutes, we were each presented with a large plate, containing a huge burger, with a steak knife stuck through the middle (to keep all the goodness together) a pile of french fries and salad garnish. Top marks for presentation!
After sitting there stunned for a few moments, wondering how on earth I was going to be able to fit this burger in to my mouth, and taking the obligatory instagram shot, we both began to tuck in to our burgers.
I hacked cut my burger in half, and dug in! (Thank god for the steak knife!) 
The burger was perfect. Juicy, tender and melt in your mouth good. The bacon was crispy, and the onion rings were amazing, you could definitely tell they were home-made. 
The soft, floured bun and the melted smoked cheese, complimented the tender steak perfectly, as did the special sauce that topped it, a type of creamy relish with a hint of pickles. 
The home-made fries was also amazing. Thin, crispy and slightly salted. 
I will go as far to say that the 'Beggars Burger' is definitely the best steak burger I have ever tasted.
 *homer simpson drool*

After finishing our meals, (I couldn't quite manage all of my fries, but I made a good effort!) we both sat back, absolutely stuffed, but very satisfied. 

They also have a fabulous variety of desserts, from a classic cheese board with local cheeses, to gooey chocolate fondant, lemon meringue mess and chocolate brownies. 
We were far too full to sample one ourselves, but they sounded delicious. 

If you like country pubs, huge burgers, indulgent desserts, and a quaint atmosphere. 
I would highly recommend giving the Beggars Roost a try.

I hope you enjoyed this 'Devon Delights' post, What are some of your favourite local spots?
Do you often visit the Devon area? What are your thoughts in my transition from beauty blogger, to lifestyle blogger? 

I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

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Love Laurenx

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Lifestyle: My Morning Routine

Well hello there...

I have seen YouTubers, bloggers and vloggers create different variations of the 'Morning Routine' post. They are some of my favourite videos to watch, because I'm nosy like that! 

So I thought I would share with you a typical day off.
Come and be nosy!

Let's get started...
09.45am: Wake up!
I usually get out of bed just before ten on a day off, as I like to have a little lie in. 
The first thing I do every morning is make my bed.
I find that having a neat and tidy bed, makes for a clear mind, and always sets my day off right.

10.00am: Face, Teeth, Moisturise
I then pop the kettle on and head to the bathroom, to wash my face and brush my teeth.
I have been loving using The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash, to get rid of any dirt or grime, left over from the evening before. 
I then head back to my bedroom, and apply my moisturiser.
I'm currently using the Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream. 
I love this moisturiser. It makes my skin looker brighter, and leaves it feeling super soft.
10.15am: Give me all the food
Breakfast is definitely my favourite meal of the day. 
I always pour myself a big mug of tea, grab a litre bottle of water from the fridge, and then make myself some breakfast.
My breakfast does vary day to day. Today I had some Total Greek yoghurt, with granola and fresh pears.
 (If you would like to see what other tasty breakfasts I enjoy, check out my instagram for healthy food snaps - @clumsybaby)

10.45am: Social media addict
After I have finished my breakfast, I usually have a mug of green tea and catch up on any emails or blog posts, and have a cheeky scroll through instagram and twitter. 

11.30am: Get dressed, Face on
My standard day off ensemble at the moment, is usually a pair of skinny jeans, a comfy tee and either my favourite black ankle boots, or some flats.
I don't usually do a full face of make up when I'm off, unless I'm going somewhere special.
I just add some concealer to any blemishes, redness and to cover my dark circles. 
Then a sweep of matte powder to set my concealer, and to stop any shine. 
I then apply my current favourite everyday mascara, Benefit's Rollerlash, to my top and bottom lashes, to open my eyes up. 
Lastly, I apply my Bobbi brown lip balm, and finish with my current favourite nude lipstick, 'Bourjois Rouge Edition in 'Pretty in Nude'.

12.00pm: Out the door
I then head off to do whatever it is I am doing that day. It's usually either going out with my boyfriend for some lunch and a country walk, shopping in town, or just hanging out at home, and working my way through my to-do list.
 (Those dishes aren't going to wash themselves.... my life is full of excitement!)

I hope you enjoyed this 'Morning Routine' post. Are you a morning person? How do you like to start your day? 

I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

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Love Laurenx

Friday, 15 May 2015

That Foodie Feeling #3: I've Come Over All Mediterranean

Well hello there...

I am a huge fan of Greek food. I have been to Greece many times as a child, and the food was always delicious! I love how everything is always so fresh. The bread, the dips, the salads, and there's always an abundance of fresh fruits.
So, I thought I would share with you today, a little 'Greek inspired' dish of mine, which is perfect for lunch or dinner. 
It's a super simple dish to make, hardly any effort is required, and it's under 500 calories!

Let's get started...

You will need:
1 wholemeal pitta bread 
2 frozen falafels
 (You could always make your own, but I'm not that skilled in the kitchen...)
Feta cheese
1 tomato
Salad leaves

(You can add anything else you like, cucumber and olives are both tasty!)

1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Fan / 200 degrees Electric / Gas mark 6
(Timing depends on your oven, here's a conversion guide to give you a helping hand)

2. Put your pitta bread in the toaster, or under the grill to warm it through.
Then slice it open, and leave to one side.

3. Chop your feta cheese in to chunks, and slice the tomato.

4. Put your falafels on to a baking tray lined with baking paper, and cook them in the oven for about 14 minutes, until they are crispy on the outside.

5. Once your falafels are cooked, it's time to create your pitta pocket!
Add your salad leaves to your pitta bread, along with the tomato and falafels. Then sprinkle your feta cheese on top.

6. Serve and enjoy! 
I love having this super simple dish for a tasty lunch. But I also like to have it for dinner, with sweet potato fries on the side.

Optional sweet potato fries:
Chop your sweet potato in to fries, put them into a microwave safe bowl, and cook them for 3 - 5 minutes, to soften the potato. 
Heat your frying pan on the hob, and add some coconut oil (I love Lucy Bee, but you can use any brand, or substitute it for olive oil)
Once your oil is melted, add your sweet potato fries to your pan, and lightly fry them for about 10 minutes, or until they are lovely and crispy.

Calorie breakdown based on my recipe
Pitta bread - 151 calories
Falafels (2) - 45 calories
Salad leaves (25g) - 6 calories
Tomato - 16 calories
Light feta cheese (20g) - 40 calories
Sweet potato - 130 calories
Lucy bee coconut oil - 54 - 100 calories (depending on how much you use)
Total: 442 calories approx

I hope you enjoyed this 'Mediterranean inspired dish' What do you think of my recipe?
Are you as obsessed with sweet potato fries as I am? Or perhaps you are also a fan of Greek food?

I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

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Love Laurenx

Saturday, 9 May 2015

#2 Wish, Want, Need!

Well hello there...

It's wish list time! I've come over all summery! My bank balance doesn't quite stretch to all the goodies, on my lust list. But a girl can dream, right? I need want it all!

Let's get started...

Untitled #29

Topshop Lipstick / Sunshine Bag / White Top / Grid Print Dress / Oops TopMaybelline Mascara Sandals

I'm in love with this slogan tee, it's such a cute print!
I have been lusting over the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, for a while now.
I've always loved their mascaras. They are budget friendly, and lengthen lashes amazingly well!
This mascara claims to multiply your lashes, using a layering effect.
I think that this 'Hooray for sunshine' bag is just adorable. It'll be great for days out on the beach, in the summer time.
This grid print dress, will look fab paired with some cute black ankle boots, for a night out on the tiles... Love!
Strappy and lace up sandals, seem to be all the range at the moment. I particularity love this tan pair, the beaded design is so pretty! Very boho chic.

I hope you enjoyed this 'Wish, Want, Need' post, What items are you lusting after?

I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

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Love Laurenx

Monday, 4 May 2015

Lifestyle: A Peek In To My Life #4

Well hello there...

It's time for another peek in to my life post! If you missed my previous post, check it out here.
I'm going to be sharing with you, some of the things I've been loving lately, along with a bit about what I've been up to. 

Let's get started...
Netflix has officially become my latest obsession!
I have been watching it non-stop, since we got it a couple of months ago.
If you read my Netflix tag post, you'll know that I have already raved about Orphan Black.
But I couldn't not give it another cheeky mention! 
It really has become one of my favourite shows. I love all the twists and turns, and it always has me on the edge of my seat after every episode, wondering what could possibly happen next!
I can't wait for the new series to start, here in the UK.
Fingers crossed that it'll be this year. As I am starting to get withdrawal symptoms...
(If you don't have Netflix, I have linked the DVD box set above)

What a blast from the past, eh? I spent way too many an evening, in my teenage years playing on The Sims. Knowing this, my lovely boyfriend kindly bought it for me!
I have been loving playing it again, and creating my little families.
I spend way too much time on social media, looking at you Instagram, so it's been nice to get offline for a while and engross myself in a game instead!

I am a huge fan of Seventeen products. They're budget friendly, good quality and they have some lovely products.
I have particularly been loving their lipsticks. This one is so pretty; it's a gorgeous peachy colour, which is perfect for the Spring/Summer season.
It's very moisturising on the lips, and stays put for a good while.
I also love how the lid has a slide out mirror, so handy for applying on the go! 

I have always loved this mascara. I have sung it's praises many times here on my blog.
But I sort of forgot about it for a couple of months, as I have been testing out Benefit's Roller Lash, among other mascaras.
But I have rediscovered it recently, and I've fallen in love all over again! Swoon.
I love how it fans my lashes out, which makes my eyes appear bigger. It lengthens my lashes amazingly well, and it also creates a lovely fluttery effect.
A winner!

I have very sensitive eyes. I am prove to irritation, dry skin and redness. 
I have tried countless eye make up removers, and they have always either stung my eyes, or left them bloodshot and irritated.
So I was pleasantly surprised with this beauty. It's very kind on my eyes, it leaves my lashes feeling soft and nourished, and removes even the most stubborn waterproof mascara, with ease.
I just grab a cotton pad, add a little of the remover, then press the pad gently on to my eye, and my eye make up simply wipes away. No rubbing required!
It's cheap, great quality and doesn't feel greasy on your skin.
A must have!

6. Sweet Potatoes
Ah, the humble sweet potato. 
You know they say you are what you eat? Well, I'd definitely be a sweet potato.
 I eat them several times a week, baked, fried or roasted - I love them every way!
I don't know why I haven't mentioned them more! If you chop them in to fries, and lightly fry them in coconut oil (Lucy bee is my favourite!), you get the BEST sweet potato fries!
Try them now, you'll thank me later. 

I hope you enjoyed this 'A Peek In To My Life' post, What products have you been loving lately?

I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

Let's be friends!

Love Laurenx