Monday, 30 March 2015

Wish, Want, Need!

Well hello there...

It's time for another wish list! My bank balance doesn't quite stretch to all the goodies, on my lust list. But a girl can dream, right? I need want it all!

Let's get started...
Wish, Wish, Want

Left to right: Nude heels / White dress / Watch / Peace-za Tee / Elephant bracelet / Viper Mascara / Blushing heart / Cologne spray

I'm in love with these strappy nude heels. I think they'll look fab paired with some ripped jeans, or a cute dress (like the pretty white one above) I can't wait for the weather to warm up, so I can start wearing dresses again, sans the thick woolly tights!
I have been lusting over the 'Library of Fragrance' scents for so long, I love the sound of this vanilla ice cream one, it screams summer in a bottle.
 I think this elephant bracelet is so adorable. I love dainty, gold jewellery, I think it really adds something special to an outfit.
Ah, make up revolution - the best budget beauty brand around! I really want to try out their gorgeous golden 'blushing heart' highlighter, and this Viper mascara sounds fab. It claims to curl and add volume to your lashes. Need!

I hope you enjoyed this 'Wish, Want, Need' post, What items are you lusting after?

I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Night In With Lauren: Favourite TV Shows #2

Well hello there...

 It's time for another instalment of 'A night in with Lauren...' I did warn you that I am a box set addict!
If you missed my previous a night in with Lauren post, give it a nosy here.

So once again... grab that popcorn and get comfy, cos' we're having a box set binge!

Let's get started...

Modern Family
I have loved this show for so long, as it's something completely different to your usual 'funny, family sitcom'.
Modern family is just that, a modern day family!
It's a funny, silly, witty show, full of brilliant one-liners and fabulous cast.
Phil and Gloria have me in stitches!
Watch it now.

Cougar Town stars Courtney Cox as Jules Cobb, a 40-something divorcee starting her life over, with an easily embarrassed teenage son, an ex-hubby she can't get rid of, a bunch of crazy friends, and a neighbour she has the hots for.
Jules is a hilarious, and very loveable character.
It's a show full of silly moments, too much wine, penny can, inside jokes and even more wine!

Unfortunately, they cancelled Lie to me, which I was surprised about as it's a very unique show. 
It stars Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman, who uses micro-expressions and body language to reach the truth.
It's a very gripping show, which uses techniques and skills, to make even the best liar reveal the truth!
There are only three series, but I would still recommend giving it a watch!

This show was one of the most talked about TV shows of 2013.
It revolves around the murder of an eleven year old boy, Danny Latimer, the aftermath of his death, the effect it has on the tight-knit community and the hunt for the killer!
It stars David Tennant and Olivia Coleman.
It's an amazing show, full of twists, turns, suspects, clues - all of which really draw you in.
Give it a watch, you'll be gripped from start to finish, wondering - who killed Danny Latimer?
There's also a second series, get on it!

Again, another one of my favourite shows to be cancelled!
Medium is a show about Allison DuBois, a working mum, who has physic abilities. 
She dreams, sees and hears spirits, can talk to the dead and foresee events.
Allison is employed by the District Attorneys office, and uses her gift to solve murders and catch killers. Although, not many people believe she can see, what she sees.
The show also features her husband and three daughters, who have all inherited their mum's gift.

I hope you enjoyed this 'A night in with Lauren' post, Have you seen any of the shows I have mentioned, if so what do you think?
What are some of your favourite TV shows?

I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Lifestyle: It's The Little Things #2

Well hello there...

I really enjoyed writing my last 'It's the little things' post, so I thought I would make it into a regular series on my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it!

Here's another snippet of 20 little things, that make me smile.
(Click here if you want to have a nosy, at my previous It's the little things post...)

Let's get started...

Untitled #10
1. Taking off your bra at the end of the day, sweet freedom. 

Ladies, you know the struggle!

2. Catching something you dropped before it hits the ground.
Check out my ninja-like reflexes.

3. Waking up and realising you have hours left to snooze.
And... starfish!

4. When you are totally comfy in bed, and DON'T need to pee.
Rare, but bliss!

5. When the new series of your favourite TV show starts.

6. That silky-smooth feeling after shaving your legs.
Feel them, they are sooo soft...

7. Waking up to the smell of bacon cooking, come to mama.
Is there any better smell on a Sunday morning? 

8. Having something to look forward too.

Summer/Birthdays/Date nights/BBQ's/Holidays

9. Pick n mix.

 Need I say more!

10. Getting over-changed.

I'm not sure if that's actually a real phrase, or if I just made it up... but it sounds good!
When you pay with a £10 note and they give you change for a £20... hello free money!

11. Getting the last dress/t shirt/pair of jeans, left in your size.

You may have lost some dignity and elbowed an old lady, but those jeans are all bloody yours!

12. Binge watching your favourite show.

Just ONE more episode...

13. Sunny days.

14. Eating ice cream.

With a flake of course!

15. Compliments from strangers.

Yeah, my hair is looking pretty fierce today!

16. Road trips.

Sometimes it's the journey, not the destination.

17. Finding those elusive Primark gems.

18. Buying new make up.

I just want to put it all on my face right now!

19. Cuddles in bed.

There's nothing more comforting.

20. Date nights.

Be it the cinema/dinner/bowling/a picnic, spending time with your favourite, is always the best.

I hope you enjoyed this 'It's the little things' post, What little things make you happy?
 If you would you like me to do another 'It's the little things' post, let me know in the comments below!

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Friday, 13 March 2015

That Foodie Feeling #1: Food Favourites

Well hello there...

I love food. (Who doesn't?) I would definitely describe myself as a foodie - I love trying new foods, eating out and creating recipes. But, I also love my healthy lifestyle, so I've been adapting recipes and discovering new foods that are damn tasty, but also good for me. 
I'm going to share with you today, some of my current favourite foods!

Let's get started...

Graze boxes
A couple of years ago, I was given one of those 'free graze box' codes, so I thought I would take advantage of it being free and all. I mean who wouldn't? So I redeemed my free box, enjoyed it, but I never signed up for another one. I don't know why, I just never got around to it. Until now! 
I have been living my healthy lifestyle for almost a year now, (catch up on my weight loss journey here) so I decided to reignite my graze box subscription, and my love for their amazing, healthy snacks.

I signed up to receive a graze box once every two weeks, but you can choose once a week or once a month. It's up to you. 
You can choose from a wide variety of different boxes, from the chocolate box, to the savoury box and they even have sharing boxes too. 
In each box you receive four snacks, and while you can't actually choose which snacks you want in your box, (although I love the surprise!) you can pick foods from their selection that you like, or want to try. 

You can rate each snack as: Bin - I never, ever want it in my box, Try - I suppose I'll give it a go, Like - Ooh, I quite like the sound of that, Love - I must have more right now!
And you can also tick 'send soon', and Graze will try to send it to you as soon as possible. 

Some of my favourite Graze snacks are: The dark rocky road granola topper, chocolate pretzel, light lemon and poppy slice, with an afternoon tea infusion, Mississippi BBQ pistachios, olive and rosemary bruschetta, the graze brownie and so many more! 

If you would like to try a Graze box for free, I have a friend code that you can use to get your, 1st, 5th and 10th boxes totally free! After redeeming your first free box, if you decide Graze isn't for you, you can opt out at any time. 

I promise this post isn't sponsored by Graze, I just love them so much! Haha

Frozen grapes
Now, I love grapes, they are one of my favourite fruits. They are just so juicy and taste amazing. 
But if you pop them in a tub, and put them into the freezer... oh lord!
 They are the one! They actually taste like a proper sweet treat.

Sweet potato fries
I love sweet potatoes, I eat so many I may turn in to one!
I love them baked, mashed - you name it! 
But my favourite is to chop them into wedges or fries, pop them into the microwave for 3-5 minutes (depending on your microwave) then fry them in 1 teaspoon of Lucy Bee coconut oil.
They taste delicious, if you've never tried sweet potato fries, do it now - you're missing out!

I am a huge popcorn fan, always have been and always will be.
 It's the best quick snack, perfect for watching a film or an afternoon pick me up!
My favourite is the Propercorn Sweet n Salty Popcorn, it tastes so good, you'd think it was a naughty treat. But oh no, there are only 129 calories per pack.
Prepare to get addicted!

I hope you enjoyed this 'Foodie favourites' post, What are some of your foodie favourites? Will you be redeeming your free Graze box?

I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

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Monday, 9 March 2015

Lifestyle: A Little Bit About Me

Well hello there...
It's been a while since I've done a good ol' tag post, so when I spotted this post on
That Pale Girl's blog, (check her out by the way, she's a babe) I thought it would be a great way for you lovelies to find out a bit more about me! I love reading posts, where you can get to know the person behind the blog. 

Let's get started...
This or that...

Red or white wine? 
I'm really not a wine-drinker, I'm more of a Malibu kinda gal. But gun to my head, I'd have to opt for a fizzy white.

City or countryside? 
I've always lived in the countryside, I love the peace and quiet, the winding roads and beautiful scenery. Don't get me wrong I love the city, so many shops, bars and fun days out, but I'll always be a country girl at heart.

Cats or dogs? 
Dogs - they are so adorable with their little fuzzy faces. 

Sweet or savoury? 
Before my weight loss, I was a savoury girl all the way - give me all the cheese/bread/crisps. But after losing weight, I've found myself craving chocolate, sweeties and cake - all in moderation of course. 

Dresses or Jeans? 
I love both, but in this freezing cold weather, I've been living in my jeans.
I can't wait for Spring, to start wearing dresses again!

Heels or flats? 
Flats. I have heels, I love heels, but my feet hate them!

BeyoncĂ© or Taylor Swift? 
Taylor Swift. Her songs are just so catchy, I've had 1989 on repeat.

Tea or coffee? 
Tea! I'm a huge tea drinker, I'm actually drinking a mug right now whilst typing this post. Green tea is my favourite. 

Divergent or The Hunger Games?
I've not seen either. Oops. I do want to give The Hunger Games a watch though.

Blog posts or Youtube? 
Blog posts. I'm a blogger, I can type with ease, but staring into a camera and actually speaking, terrifies me. 

Skincare or Makeup?
That's a tough one. I'm torn as I have particularly bad skin at the moment, so I've been relying on my skincare products, but I just love make up as you can be so creative.

Morning or Night?
Night. I'm a bit of a night owl. I prefer to workout in the evening, watch TV shows, and I find that I can be much more productive at night. 

Pizza or burgers?
Another tough one. I'll have to say pizza, I love a good margherita or ham and pineapple, thin crust is the best.

Books or magazines? 
I love both, but I read magazines more often than books. I find them lighter, and easier to just flick through. 

Facebook or Twitter? 
Twitter. I rarely go on Facebook any more.

Summer or Winter? 
I've always been a winter girl, cold evenings, snow, Christmas, wrapping up all snug, living in my pyjamas with a hot water bottle. 
 But, I do love a bit of sunshine, I can't wait for summer!

Your favourite...

Exeter. I love the shopping and it's a great day out.

I heart... series, by Lindsey Kelk.

I love The Wedding Singer, Despicable Me and anything Denzel Washington.

TV Show? 
Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead and Bones.

Loverdose by Diesel.

Skincare item? 
La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo.

Currently it's Desert Rose from Elizabeth Arden.

Rimmel Match Perfection.

Greek yoghurt with granola and berries, or sweet potato fries.

Anything with chocolate ganache, or champagne truffles!

Place to eat? 
A local American restaurant called Custom House or Prezzo, if I'm feeling pizza.

Alcoholic drink? 
On the rare occasions I do drink, it's got to be Malibu.

Non-alcoholic drink? 
Water or green tea.

Actor and Actress? 
Denzel Washington, and either Kate Hudson or Rachel McAdams.


Sublime and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What does the future hold for you?
My future is still a huge surprise... and I like it that way!
But, I would love to move out with my boyfriend, in to a place of our own, go on lots of lovely holidays, (Paris, Rome, New York and Mexico are all on the list) to continue to be healthy, spend time with my favourite people, and most importantly of all, to be happy!

I hope you enjoyed this 'A Little Bit About Me' post, and it let you know a bit more about me! I tag all of you lovelies to give it a whirl, and tweet me if you do, so I can have a nosy! 

Leave me a lovely comment below :)

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What's In My Current Make Up Bag?

Well hello there...

I've been blogging for just over a year now, and I have just realised that I have never posted a 'What's in my make up bag?' post before. I know, I know... I'm a bad beauty blogger!
 So, I thought I'd share with you my current make up bag staples.

Let's get started...

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Light
This concealer has always been my go-to. It covers blemishes, dark circles and redness brilliantly, and it's cheap!

Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer - Naked 1
This concealer is a new addition to my make-up bag. I love using it under my eyes, to brighten them up, and attempt to make myself look more alive!

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - Pink Blossom 2
Another old favourite, it's matte, it's cheap and it stops shine like a pro. 
A right winner!

Rimmel Matte BB Cream - Light
I haven't been wearing much foundation lately, as I've been opting for a BB cream instead. This one is fab, it blends like a dream and gives great coverage. 

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
I've been using this bronzer to lightly contour my cheekbones and jawbone, to add a bit of colour to my face. I love that it's a mid-tone matte bronzer, so it's not too dark for my pale skin, and you can build it up to the shade you want. 

Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick in Gold Bronze
This highlighter is so pretty, I love how it gives a subtle glow, without making me look like a disco ball! 

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
I know, I know... the beauty world has blathered on about this mascara to death. But I along with every other beauty blogger, picked up this free sample with Elle magazine, and I have really been loving it!
It holds a curl amazingly well, lengthens lashes, and gives a fluttery lash effect. A winner!

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF15
My go-to lip balm, it keeps my lips lovely and soft, in this wet and windy weather.

Elizabeth Arden Lipstick in Desert Rose
I have been raving about this beautiful lipstick, for a while now.
I love the shade, I think it's a great match for my skin tone.
It's so easy to slick on, and make myself look slightly put-together, when I'm rushing out of the door!

I hope you enjoyed this 'What's in my make up bag?' post, What's in your make up bag? What are your make up bag essentials, or go-to products?

I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

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