Monday, 29 September 2014

Lauren Loses It | Weigh in #2

Well hello there...

It's time for another 'Lauren loses it post!' - if you missed my last post, have a nosy here. 
I hope you are enjoying these weight loss posts, let's get started!

*I just wanted to quickly say; I am not a nutritionist, healthy eating expert or fitness expert, I am not saying that I work out 7 days a week for hours at a time, starve myself or deny myself anything.
I am just trying to be healthy, do some exercise and lose weight, and bring you lovely lot along for the journey!*

I have been working out at least three times per week, I have actually been using the Just Dance game on the wii console, quite a lot.
I find it's great for cardio, burning calories and having a good ol' fashioned boogie!
Who says exercise can't be fun?
I have also been doing sit ups, lunges and squats, to try and tone my stomach and thighs. 
I have noticed that my calves are looking more toned and my legs are looking slimmer. 
I hated my legs so much before I started my weight loss journey, I think they were the worst part of my body. 
I have a long body and short legs, so they looked very chunky and wobbled a bit too much!
I am happy that I am starting to love my legs more!

Food and Snaps from the week
Here are a few snapshots of my meals and snacks from the past few weeks; If you would like to see more, you can follow me on Instagram (Link at the bottom of this post)

Wants, goals, needs and achievements
1. I can't believe I have lost 3 stone, I am pretty proud of myself!

2. I can't wait to be able to buy pretty clothes, when I reach my goal weight.

3. My ultimate goal is to wear a bikini on holiday in January, no cover up required!

4. I still want to tone up my arms, but one thing at a time!

5. I have actually gone down 3 dress sizes! I can't bloody believe it!

Weekly weigh in - 29/09/14

Weight lost: -2 pounds

Total weight lost: 3 stone

Weight to go: 13 pounds

I hope you enjoyed this 'Lauren Loses It' post, I am going to keep you updated with my weight loss, and will be doing another post in November, to show you my progress. 
Hopefully I will be at my goal weight!
Are you also trying to lose weight, if so, do you have any tips or tricks? 
Or are you also tracking your progress?

I would love to know and hopefully we can support each other!
Leave me a lovely comment below :)

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Love Laurenx