Sunday, 23 November 2014

Gift Guide | Looking for a unique gift this Christmas?

Well hello there...

An email popped up in my inbox recently from a company called Frame Again asking if I would be interested in reviewing their frames, after having a nosy at their website, I jumped at the chance!
Frame Again is a relatively new company, with a great concept - trying to get people printing and framing their photographs.
 In this modern world of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we all have hundreds of great photographs taken with our phones, we share them on social media - but, we never seem to take the time to actually print our photos out and frame them. 
That's all about to change...

The process is very straight-forward, all you have to do is go to the Frame Again website, click on 'Get Framing'upload your favourite photograph either from your computer or straight from Instagram, then you simply pick the colours you would like your frame to have - I went for baby blue and midnight blue as they complemented my picture very well. 
Then add your frame to the shopping cart and checkout.
Easy peasy!
It only costs £9.99 for the frame, plus £3.00 standard delivery. 
The delivery is very prompt, I ordered my frame on the 17th and received it on the 19th. 
The frame comes beautifully packaged with your chosen photo installed behind the glass, so they are gift-ready and you could also include a personalised gift card too!

You can hang your frame on the wall or simply display it on a shelf and they are also magnetised to sit side by side, if you choose to purchase more than one frame. 

I think this would be a perfect gift for a budding photographer, friend, parent, partner -  anyone who loves taking photographs or even a new home owner - it's such a versatile and personal gift.

I would highly recommend Frame Again, they make gift-giving so simple and their customer service is excellent!

I hope you enjoyed this post, What do you think of Frame Again? Will you be purchasing a unique frame this Christmas?

I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below!

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Love Laurenx

*I received a free frame from the lovely people at Frame Again, for the purpose of a review, I wasn't paid for this post.*

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