Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lifestyle: Birthday Snippets

*I just wanted to give you a little update. You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet on the keep calm blog front recently. I'm not taking a break or anything like that, I've just been all kinds of busy juggling work, moving house, my birthday, my boyfriends birthday and not having a computer. Sorry about that, normal posting will be resuming very soon!
Ramble over... let's get into this birthday post, there's cake!

If you follow me on social media (shameless plug right there - I've linked my Instagram and Twitter if you want to give me a cheeky follow) then you'll know that it was my 23rd birthday on Saturday!
I had the most amazing day, so I thought I would share with you some snippets from my birthday.
Birthdays can often feel 'pressured', the notion that you have to go out and do something meaningful, exciting, expensive or get horrendously drunk. But I sacked all that off for a chilled out day. 
I spent the morning with my lovely boyfriend, opening presents in our living room (we recently moved in to our own place, so it's been amazing to be able to chill out in our own home) eating a chocolatey breakfast, playing with my new presents and having my favourite smoked salmon and cream cheese wrap for lunch. 
We then drove in to town and did some shopping. I had a bit of a shopping fail, as I couldn't find anything I really wanted. But I did pick up the cosiest pair of pyjama bottoms from Primark. 
It was a great day, despite not finding anything for myself, I love mooching in shops, especially when they have all their Christmas d├ęcor in store.

After a day of shopping we headed home, where my very thoughtful boyfriend surprised me with the prettiest birthday cake. It even had 'Happy birthday Lauren' iced on top. It meant so much to me, as I had mentioned in conversation months before, that I had never had a cake on my birthday, that wasn't a supermarket one. Major boyfriend points!
It was the most delicious cake, my favourite Victoria sponge with strawberry jam and the creamiest, most heavenly butter cream. Seriously, I could have eaten the whole cake to myself.
I may have eaten a giant slab, and then another... ah well, it's only your birthday once a year eh!
I received some amazing gifts from my lovely boyfriend, friends and family, they were all so kind and thoughtful to get me something. 
I don't want to 'brag' about the gifts I received as I know there's a lot of controversy over those 'What I got for my birthday' posts and videos. But I still want to share with you some of the lovely gifts I was lucky enough to be given, I just hope you know I would never brag about anything I received. 

My lovely boyfriend completely spoilt me with a laptop! I have never owned my own computer, as I used my dad's desktop PC when I lived with him. It's amazing to have a computer that is all mine. (I'm typing this post on it right now, with a ridiculous grin on my face!)
I received a gift experience for a makeover and photo shoot, which I'm very excited about, as I've never had my make up done for me before, or had any professional pictures taken. 
A few amazing pieces from Lush, lots of chocolate, a bright pink DAB radio from my dad, an amazing nautical notebook, a beautiful bangle, a few other lovely little presents and the prettiest cards. All in all I was spoilt rotten by my lovely friends, family and Ian!
I feel so grateful to have such amazing people in my life who care about me. 

So that was my birthday, in a nutshell! I hope you enjoyed reading this birthday snippets post.
I'm off to cut myself another slab of cake... mmm.

Let's be friends!

Love Laurenx


  1. Happy belated birthday Lauren :) sounds like you had a fantastic day x


    1. Thank you lovely! I had such a wonderful day, I wish I could do it all over again! (especially the cake... mmm) x

  2. Happy 23rd Birthday, I followed you on Twitter and Instagram as a gift. My birthday is coming up soon and i have recently just moved into my own place so I plan on doing the same as you, and just chill in my own pad.


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