Thursday, 8 October 2015

Lifestyle: Little Things That Make Me Happy

Everyone feels down at some point. Be it from work stress, relationship worries or just general life pressure. I find the best way to cheer myself up, and get myself feeling back to my happy self is to write down my thoughts. I often jot down little things that make me smile, (I've actually written some similar posts here) so I thought I would share with you some of those little things that make me feel happy!
1. Receiving post or parcels.

2. Online window shopping.
 *adds to basket*

3. Feel good songs.
Here are some of my favourites:
John Denver - Country roads, Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss me, Bon Jovi - You give love a bad name, Shakira - Hips don't lie, Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet home Alabama, Ram Jam - Black Betty.

4. Funny box sets.
I love a good How I met your mother, Big bang theory or Friends marathon.

5. Baking.
Especially cupcakes, rocky road, and warm ooey, gooey cookies.

6. Fresh fruit.
Give me all the melon, mango, bananas, apples, grapes, berries - actually just give me all the fruit, cheers then.

7. A big mug of tea in the morning.

8. A hearty, healthy breakfast to start your day off right.

9. Banana pancakes. Or any pancakes really. 

10. Slogan t-shirts.

11. New pyjamas.

12. Fresh bed sheets.

13. Writing on the first page of a new notebook.

14. Receiving birthday post.
Cards, presents and fizz, what's not to love!

15. Tea and cake.

16. Lazy Sundays.

17. Afternoon disco naps.

18. Funny and motivational quotes.
I screen shot the ones that make me feel happy/motivated/laugh out loud.

19. Working out.
It always clears my mind, and helps me to switch off. It's just me, a YouTube video and that's it.

20. Blankets, Netflix and popcorn.
Sweet n salt is the one.

21. Country walks.

22. Spending time with the boyfriend.
Bit soppy but who cares, I love him and he makes me so happy.

23. Date night.

24. Pick and mix.
 Give me all the teeth, fizzy everything, giant strawberries, chocolate covered raisins and milk chocolate jazzies.

25. Anything covered in sprinkles.

26. Saying that... anything covered in dark chocolate.

27. Fancy Champagne truffles. 

28. Giant tubs of Quality street and Roses at Christmas time.

29. Roast dinners.
 Gimme all the Yorkshire puddings and gravy, thank you kindly.

30. Frozen grapes.

31. Kitchen dancing.
I do this more often than I care to admit...

32. Shower singing.
...I also do this more often than I care to admit.

33. Not having to set an alarm for the morning.
 Hello starfish!

34. Catching your cup of tea at perfect drinking temperature.
Winning at life.

35. Penguins.
They are the cutest, sweetest little things, ever!

I hope you enjoyed this 'Little Things That Make Me Happy' post. What do you think of my list? What little things make you happy?
I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

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