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Beauty: Help: Clear Skin Review*

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Works with Water, who asked me if I would like to review their 'Help: Clear Skin'* products. I of course jumped at the chance, as I have been suffering with quite bad acne for the past couple of months. I'm not sure what has caused my (previously quite clear) skin to breakout with spots, but I think a combination of stress, being switched from 3 different contraceptive pills and hormones, has definitely taken it's toll on my skin. 
This has made me very self concious of my appearance, I've been gently cleansing, moisturising and dabbing on lotions and potions trying to find one that will make a difference to my acne, but nothing has worked. (If you suffer from acne, you will know that the more you stress out and worry about your skin, the more spots bloody appear... it's a vicious cycle really!) So I had high hopes that the Help: Clear Skin trial might be the wonder solution I've been hoping for.
Here are my thoughts on the Clear Skin products, and how I got on with my 28 day trial.
Help: Clear Skin is a natural soluble daily skin supplement, which claims to help achieve clear skin and reduce blemishes in as little as four to six weeks. 
The concept is very simple; I was kindly sent a box of 28 sachets and the instruction to take one sachet each day for one month. The sachets are dissolvable and can be added to any non-carbonated hot or cold drink, or even mixed in with soft foods. I opted to take my daily sachet each morning in my usual cup of green tea. But you could add the sachet to your morning fruit smoothie, glass of orange juice or even mixed in to Greek yoghurt, whatever your preference. 
The sachets don't really taste of anything; they did leave my mouth feeling a little dry after drinking it, and it does have a slightly strange smell once mixed in, but it wasn't an issue at all, once I started drinking it you can't really smell anything anyway.
 Each sachet is filled with a white powder-like substance, which looks very similar in consistency and appearance to the Lemsip sachets. Each sachet contains a unique Pravenac formula, which contains Aloe Vera that is known to have a smoothing and healing effect on skin.
 The sachets are also rich in Lactoferrin (a bio-active milk protein) this has been clinically proven to reduce acne by boosting your body's defences, to help eliminate bacteria build up and repair the damaged skin cells that acne causes.

Help: Clear Skin is suitable for vegetarians, diabetics and anyone who has a intolerance to lactose, they are also gluten free. 
Week 1
 (29th October - 5th November)
I began my trial this week. There has been no visible changes to my skin or acne yet. I am still getting new spots appearing. I'm staying positive and have high hopes for the next week.

Week 2 
(6th November - 12th November)
My skin is looking pretty much the same as last week, although I haven't had any more angry red bumps appear on my face yet. Win.

Week 3
 (13th November - 19th November)
My skin is looking brighter, although I am still getting spots they aren't coming up as painful as usual, and my existing spots have begun to reduce in size. 

Week 4 
(20th November - 25th November)
That's it, my 28 days are up and I have reached the end of my trial! My acne is still pretty much the same as it was before although my spots haven't been nearly as painful, I wasn't expecting miracles so I'm fine with that, but what has changed is the appearance of my skin. My face looks fresher, brighter and for want of a better word: healthier. Overall I think that the Help: Clear Skin sachets are a great concept, but unfortunately they didn't help to clear up my acne, which was my main skin concern. 
I think that perhaps taking the sachets every day for say, 2 - 3 months, rather than just the one I would have seen a real difference in my skin.

If you are interested in the Help: Clear skin concept, or want some more information on their products - check out the Works with water website here.

I hope you enjoyed this 'Help: Clear Skin' review post. What are your thoughts on taking daily 'clear skin' sachets? Have you tried out any acne products or supplements before?
Or perhaps you have an acne miracle cure? (wishing thinking!)

I'd love to know, leave me a lovely comment below.

Let's be friends!

Love Laurenx

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